Shipping Information

Ammo Can Humidors are shipped via FedEx or USPS Flat Rate. I tried to set up shipping charges to be very close to my cost. If your shipping charges seem way off, feel free to email me. I can get an exact shipping rate and adjust your bill. I ship from zip code 85379, so you can go to and calculate the shipping cost.

Shipping humidors to AP, AE, and AA addresses is no problem, you will choose Flat Rate Shipping. My cost to Flat Rate Ship is about $15 per can, I only charge you $9.50 as a round about way to give you a 10% military discount. Thank you very much for your service to our Great Country!

FedEx requires a phone number on their delivery form, this is the only reason I ask for it. I will never use it unless there is a problem and email isn't working. I won't be sharing any of your information with anyone outside of the shipper, ever.

If you want more than 2 humidors or a different payment option, please email, call, or text.

Need one fast? I can do expedited shipping, please call me to make arraingements.

I live in Surprise, AZ. If you want to make arrangements to pick up a humidor, please call, email, or text, 623-377-4668.

Ammo can humidors make great gifts!