Do you want a good way to take your cigars with you camping, hunting, fishing, or shooting? Have your smokes ever gotten damaged or wet before you could enjoy them? Have you ever had them dry out before you got a chance to light up? Then you need an ammo can humidor!

Spanish Cedar is the top choice for quality humidors

Spanish Cedar is what produces the pleasant smell that comes from your cigar box. The cedar offers natural protection from bugs and tobacco worms. It has a high humidity absorption capacity, thus insuring a stable climate is maintained and the growth of mold is prevented. It has a positive effect on the flavor and supports cigar aging. My humidors are lined on all four sides and the bottom with 1/4" spanish cedar from top to bottom. The result is a solid can with lots of wood that holds lots of humidity and keeps your stogies fresh.

ammo can humidor ammo can humidor ammo can humidor

Ammo can humidors make great gifts!

Have a friend that is hard to buy for that smokes cigars? Get them an ammo can humidor! They are unique and durable, it will last a very long time. Buy one for your cigar buddies and they'll have to let you smoke their cigars!